road transport

Road transport – the highest level of service to support your business.

Alfa Forwarding offers solutions in the field of road transport in Poland and Europe. We offer road transport for neutral and dangerous loads (ADR), requiring controlled temperature, cubature (120 m3) and dump trucks.

We offer a road fleet tailored to the customer’s needs: tarpaulins, semi-trailers for transporting sea containers, specialist equipment for transporting abnormal loads

A fleet tailored to your needs

We have a fleet of vehicles with various load capacities:

  • from 1 ton to 24 tons as standard
  • and additionally for oversized loads. We respond flexibly to your expectations. We cover distances in Europe in a standard or express transit time by using double crews and low-tonnage vehicles.

Road transport – what we offer

Road transport provided by Alfa Forwarding is a comprehensive offer that includes the transport of:

  • Full Trailer Load (FTL – Full Trailer Load)
  • Part Loads
  • Groupage (LTL – Less then Trailer Load)
  • Express
  • Special (temperature controlled)
  • Dedicated (low-tonnage cars)

Comprehensive transport services in relation to exports, imports and transfers throughout Europe

Alfa Forwarding on European roads – we carry out transports all over Europe, including the Balkans and Turkey:

100 cars in constant motion are at your disposal

extensive experience gained while serving the largest paper mills in Europe

100 cars in constant motion are at your disposal

a car at the place of loading even in two hours

Choose your way

  • We transport palletized and loose goods
  • we can boast a punctuality rate of 99.9%
  • Dedicated Forwarder
  • Ongoing shipment monitoring and constant contact with the driver – all vehicles equipped with a GPS system with online preview

Road transport – we meet the expectations of our customers. Ask for flexible terms of cooperation

  • Comprehensive CARGO insurance up to EUR 1,000,000 without special procedures
  • Carrier’s insurance EUR 1,500,000
  • Payment terms tailored to the needs of customers – up to 90 days!

We provide forwarding services in accordance with the General Polish Forwarding Conditions PISiL (01/01/2010) with the possibility of agreeing on their extension  DOWNLOAD