Rail freight

rail transport

Rail transport we provide via our business partners – operating intermodal transport operators. We provide container transport to and from places located near the rail network of container terminals.

transport kolejowy - najważniejsze relacje

Rail transport – check what we offer?

Rail transport provided by Alfa Forwarding is a comprehensive offer that includes:

  • Organization of full container transport (FCL all types)
  • A full range of relations from domestic to intercontinental
  • New Silk Road – we offer comprehensive rail transport services in export and import
  • Cargo handling includes rail freight, terminal operations, customs clearance and last mile delivery
  • Forwarding services: storage, fumigation
  • We offer 30 weekly connections from China and 14 key Chinese terminals
  • Cargo handling at the most important railway terminal in Małaszewicze
  • Organization of the transport of dangerous goods (IMO)
  • Organization of transport of loose and bulk goods
  • Forwarding of oversized goods
  • Full forwarding, documentation and customs service at railway terminals
  • Cargo insurance
  • Arrangement of briefings by sanitary, quality and veterinary services
  • Organization of cargo transport according to all Incoterms conditions
  • Specialized consulting in the field of freight for our clients

Rail transport – regular connections from Asia to Europe

Rail transport carried out by Alfa Forwarding is a comprehensive service in import and export on the New Silk Road in direct China-Poland relations.

  • collection of cargo from all Chinese provinces and other parts of Asia
  • rail transport and delivery to the indicated address in Europe
  • rail transport on the New Silk Road also covers Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Kazakhstan and Georgia.

Rail transport provides a shorter delivery time than sea transport by an average of 20-30 days. This translates into faster turnover of goods and funds. It also allows you to build a competitive advantage and ensures lower costs of capital frozen in cargo (“just-in-time”).

In addition, rail transport minimizes the impact of the human factor, weather conditions and road quality on the timeliness of deliveries. Thanks to this, cargo delivery planning becomes more precise.

Transportation of goods along the New Silk Road as part of the Trans-China Route (TCR) and Trans-Siberian Route (TSR). 30 train connections per week from 14 key terminals in China.

Rail transport from China to Poland – examples of relations:
Xi’An – Łódź
Zhengzhou – Małaszewicze
Zhengzhou – Katowice
Suzhou – Warszawa

Do you know that the delivery time of a container from China by rail is from 10 to 16 days (terminal – terminal). Our rail transport is 50% cheaper than air transport and 50% faster than sea transport.