oversize load

Oversize – the highest level of service to support your non-standard needs 

Our rich offer also includes solutions for the movement of oversized loads, exceeding standard sizes with their dimensions or weight.
We handle the movement of oversized cargo on land, sea and air. We support clients in the appropriate selection of rolling stock, loading and unloading, route expertise, organization of permits and pilotage (including the Police), selection of shipowners and chartering ships and planes.

Oversize – what we offer

  • planning
  • expert opinions on the route and adaptation of the infrastructure
  • budgeting
  • organization of special permits
  • pilotage
  • police assistance
  • oversize – transport and reloading

Oversize – rely on ALFA experts.


We are a member of the OPCA

OPCA is a network of specialist companies providing solutions in the field of oversized cargo transport and project cargo. Our clients’ loads are under the care of logistics companies affiliated with OPCA in 52 countries around the world in over 100 locations.

Oversize – we provide solutions in the field of sea, air and road freight for non-standard and unusual loads.

Oversize – Discover our projects

We provide forwarding services in accordance with the General Polish Forwarding Conditions PISiL (01/01/2010) with the possibility of agreeing on their extension DOWNLOAD